Lithium Ion Module GYFP4875T
LITHIUM-ION Battery Solution

GYFP4875T series (19” standard Rack Type) is high-tech, high-discharge application Lithium Ion Battery. It has outstanding advantages in power backing-up area for telecom or similar applications. This product is widely used in access network equipment, remote switching offices, mobile telecom equipment, transmission equipment, satellite ground stations and microwave telecom equipment.

  • Small in volume and light in weight, reduce 40-50% in size (compared with LA Battery).

  • 15 years of a lifetime @ I or II class power supply area at +25℃.

  • At 25℃, 80% DOD, the cycle life is more than 4500 cycles.

  • Self Discharge of Lithium Battery is less than 1% per month temperature is less than 35 ℃ , which can save energy.

  • Excellent high-temperature performance and air condition is not required when the ambient

  • Non-pollution, safe and reliable.

  • Battery system adopts advanced BMS, Having  warning and protection function of over-discharging, over-charging, over-current, temperature etc

  • Communication with Android Phone using WiFi Hotspot App.

  • Optimization and management to battery charging and discharging.

  • Compatible with existing high frequency switching power supply system.

  • Network Base Stations

  • Wireless Applications (Wi-Fi routers for smart cities model)

  • Fixed line Application, Data Communication

  • Best Suited for the small cell telecom operation

  • Designed as 19 inches standard mountable.

  • Multiple modules can be paralleled.

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